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Title of Vol. 10(10) October
Current Issue Vol. 10 (10) October 2018

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Research Articles


Green synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticle of thymus vulgaris l. leaves and its antibacterial activity
Sudhir Joshi, Deepak Patel, Harish Chandra and S.C. Bhatt


Effects of salinity on morphological and biochemical parameters of dalbergia sissoo and acacia nilotica under salt stress
Dharamvir, Ajeev Kumar, Mahesh Kumar and Parveen Kumar


In vitro evaluation of rhizosphere microbial antagonistis against wilt pathogen fusarium oxysporumin chilli
(capsicum annuum l.)
A.Thoyajakshi bai, Ch. Ruth, Dinesh. K. and Devika saha


Assessment of change in land use pattern of kanthallor panchayath, idukki, kerala
Vishnumaya A.P., Jalaja S. Menon, Sunil K. Mukundan and Anu Varughese


In vitro studies on efficacy of various trichoderma spps. against collar rot of tomato caused by sclerotium rolfsii sacc. in manipur
Dinesh. K, Bireswar Sinha, A. Thoyajakshi bai, Ph. Sobita Devi


Insect-pests succession, natural enemies and their correlation with weather parameters in mustard crop
Nisha Kashyap, G.P. Painkra, K.L. Painkra and P.K. Bhagat


Yield gap analysis in cotton production in maharashtra: implications for farmers’ income
Salihu A. and H.P. Singh


Knowledge level of farmers about maize (zea mays) production technology in durg district of chhattisgarh state
Lokesh Ahirwar and M.A. Khan


Short Communication


Seasonal incidence of major insect pests in linseed
Vinay Pradhan, G.P. Painkra, K.L. Painkra and P.K. Bhagat