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Title of Vol. 10(8) August
Current Issue Vol. 10 (8) August 2018

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Review Articles


Allelopathic supression of some broad leaved weeds
Vijayveer Singh Abha Arora and Adesh Kumar


Research Articles


Influence of seed storage condition on seed moisture content and germination in impatiens talbotii hook.
Pallavi and Krishna A


Evaluation of genetic variability in black gram (vigna mungo l. hepper) germplasm
Nashra Aftab, G.M. Lal, Ashish Sheera, N. Chandra Bose and Avneesh M. Tripathi


Influence of storage media and containers on seed germination and seedling quality in garcinia gummi-gutta l.
Shankar M and Krishna A


Seasonal incidence of brinjal fruit and shoot borer, leucinodes orbonalis guen. (lepidoptera: crambidae) under agro climatic conditions of Allahabad, India
Suryadatt Pandey and Ashwani Kumar


Evaluation the residual effect of cropping system and integrated nitrogen management on summer greengram (vigna radiata l.) in winter maize based cropping system under irrigated condition
Puspendra kumar, A.K. Tripathi, Rajesh Babu and Sandeep Kumar


Impact of seed rates and planting methods on economic of wheat (triticum aestivum l.) under irrigated condition
Rajesh Babu and Puspendra Kumar


Assess the effect of different dates of transplanting and mulching on yield and economics of tomato (lycopersicon esculentum mill.)
Saurabh Tomar, A.K. Dubey, Jagendra Pratap Singh, Mahendra Chaudhary and Ajay Singh


Short Communication


Antimicrobial activity of citrus fruits on certain pathogenic microorganism
Vishal kumar deshwal and bhagwant kaur


Comparative study of microbial contamination in fruit juice in local market at dehradun
Sreejoy saha and vishal kumar deshwal